Get Involved

When we created Hamilton Code Clubs, we knew that we would need multiple stakeholders to make this project a success. Each partner brings their own unique talents to the table which will help us build Hamilton’s future tech workforce!


If you are a HWCDSB or HWDSB teacher looking for activities to introduce technology to your students? Look no further!

Participants benefit from our programs as they: learn lessons about making mistakes, and that making them is part of the process; enhance their problem solving skills; prepare for possible career paths; and learn the importance or math and literacy outside of the classroom. Interested? Start your conversation today!

“Coding is a great way to learn critical problem solving.” – teacher supervisor

Tech Mentors

We know you have a love for all things ‘tech’ so what better way to share your passion than to inspire and teach your future workforce? We actively partner with post-secondary students, tech employees and business owners, to facilitate our programs.

Flexibility is key so we have a variety of programs and time commitments for you to engage in. It’s really easy to get involved, we provide all of the resources and are always here to help! Interested? Start your conversation today!

“There are moments where you can see that light turn on in their head and they realize that coding is something they can do. There’s that moment they realize it’s not magic and it is possible.” – tech mentor


Does your child have an interest in coding or robotics? Consider talking to your school’s principal about the opportunity to run a 6-week Intro to Code or Intro to Robotics program. If we can open up new doors for children and youth, then we truly are doing our job.

“Learning how to program didn’t start off with wanting to learn all of computer science or trying to master this discipline or anything like that,” Zuckerberg says. “It started off because I wanted to do this one simple thing — I wanted to make something that was fun for myself and my sisters.”


Have you ever wanted to create your own video game, animation, website or maybe build a robot? We can already tell you have a creative mind and are ready to sink your teeth into all things ‘tech’. With a smart brain like yours you’ll develop these skills in no time. We think that you will like our programs. Talk to your teacher today and start exploring the wonders that coding has to offer!

“It was a bit confusing at first, but once I started to work around with the scripts, I got the hang of it!” – student